Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipsticks Vs. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids


I don't know about you, but I have these phases with makeup. I'll be on a foundation binge for a few months, a blush binge next, etc. I guess I've been on a lipstick craze the past few months. Alongside with these B.B lipsticks, I picked up a hot pink shade from Maybelline in hopes it would be a dupe for B.B's Pop Pink. Not the smartest decision on my part to buy so many lip colors, but that's the fun part about makeup- the endless possibilities you just have to try. Here is a swatch of the 3 colors:

Maybelline Vivid Rose Bobbi Brown Miami Pink Pop Pink.jpg

Left to Right: Maybelline in Vivid Rose, B.B in Miami Pink, B.B in Pop Pink

Maybelline Vivid Rose

This Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids lipstick is in the shade Vivid Rose. It's just alright. Not much to say other than it goes on smooth and provides some moisture, but the color doesn't last. It comes off super easily and you'll need to reapply often. Boo. :(

The two shades I got from Bobbi Brown are Miami Pink and Pop Pink. I do not use lipsticks or glosses often. I go for chapstick, tints, and those Revlon lip crayons. Sheer is my best friend for most days and I'll get a little fancy for special occasions. *adding to gigantic pile of makeup*

Given my limited knowledge about lipsticks I can't tell you about every single detail of these guys, but as a lipstick newbie they are really nice. They go on smooth, the color is rich and long wearing, and it feels light enough to forget you're wearing lipstick. I have been guilty of wiping my mouth with the back of my hand on numerous occasions resulting in lipstick all over my face. Oops. They aren't cheap ($26), but if you feel like splurging I think it's worth it to treat yourself with something nice once in a while.

Miami Pink is described to be 'bright coral pink.' On my skin tone this shade did not come across as bright as I expected it to be. Even just looking at the color in tube, it just looks like a soft pink shade.

Bobbi Brown Miami Pink

Pop Pink is described to be a 'bright hot pink.' Again, this shade was not shockingly hot pink, but enough to be obvious that it's pink.

Bobbi Brown Pop PInk

The one thing I noticed about Bobbi Brown's line is that the colors are very flattering and wearable. I love that her products are all about natural beauty and enhancing what you have. Classic. Chic. Elegant.

What lipsticks have you tried and loved?