Tartelette In Bloom Swatches & Review


Hi! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Today I'm sharing with you the Tartelette In Bloom palette. It's not new, but I wanted to talk about it anyway since it brought me so much excitement. I love neutral makeup looks so this one was up my alley when I walked into Sephora. There's something about a brand new palette that gets me super exited and happy. Perhaps it's the untouched colors that look sooo smooth. It's beautiful! xoxo

I don't own the first Tartelette palette so I can't compare the two; however, I do own a few Tarte eyeshadows and they are equal in texture/pigment/quality.

See swatches here:

Tartelette in Bloom Swatches

L>R: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker, Smokeshow, Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker, Activist, Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel, Leader.

Full look here:

Tartelette in Bloom Brown Eyes

Practically speaking, this isn't a must buy, but it made me incredibly happy. :) I hope you enjoyed this beautiful palette. See you next time!