NYC Foodies


On my recent trip to NYC I wanted to eat and eat and so we did! I tried to document as many of the delicious things we had, but I couldn't get everything so here are some fun things we tried. We stayed in Brooklyn and there was a little bagel shop that sold these colorful bagels:

Rainbow Bagel

I was hoping to try cronuts from Dominque Ansel, but they were sold out the two times that we visited so we ended up trying their frozen s'more! Of course with so much sweetness you need something salty to balance it out so I got a side of chowder.

Dominique Ansel

Brooklyn is also home to an amazing place called Pies n Thighs. Oh. My. God. Comfort food all the way! The hubs got a chicken biscuit sandwich, I got the chicken and waffles, and we shared the banana cream pie. We both were in heaven!! Portions were huge and the food was so delicious.

Chicken Biscuit
Chicken N Waffles
Banana Cream Pie

I am a big time cookie lover and when I saw Levain's on the Today show I made a mental note to visit the next time I visited NYC. These cookies are SO SO SO SO good especially when they're fresh out of the oven. I think they are hands down the best cookie I've ever had.


Hubs wanted to try Ippudo ramen and so we got our fill! I wasn't too impressed with the ramen, but hubs loved it!

Ippudo Ramen

I wanted some good pasta and so we went to Eataly! The wait was so long and the food was above average, but not amazing. I'll never forget the pasta I had during my first trip to NYC and nothing has topped that!


So I wasn't able to photograph the MOST AMAZING pizza I had this trip, but I still want to share it. Rubirosa has the best thin crust pizza. My mouth is watering as I'm sitting here thinking about it. Yummm. I got the vodka and I must say I never tasted anything so good. It seems so basic when you read the description on the menu- vodka sauce/fresh mozzarella- but it's like a dance party in your mouth. The flavors and the textures are just SO SO good.

NYC, your food is too good!