iPhone 7 Plus Review


On September 8th at 11:30pm, I had my computer browser up and ready to order the new iPhone. I had the Verizon AND Apple site open just in case I couldn't complete my order on one of the sites. The clock struck 12 and I hit that refresh button, but to my horror NOTHING HAPPENED. I, along with countless of other buyers, could not place our order. It took a couple hours, but I was able to place my order and went to sleep a happy camper. I received my phone on the release day- no earlier, no later. I'm no tech expert and there are so many detailed articles and reviews on the iPhone7/7plus so I am going to go about it simply. The most important feature to me for the iPhone 7 plus is the camera as I use it very heavily to take photos. I was eager to see if the new camera lens on the phone was good enough to forgo purchasing a point and shoot camera. The dual lens is nice to have, but I would never use it to its max zoom potential because the photos turn out grainy.

I tried taking photos with the 7plus in different lighting and was surprised by the results. In direct sunlight at the beach, the photo was amazingly clear and crisp- the best! Pictures taken inside the home with indirect sunlight turned out grainy when slightly zoomed in. At my local Target, the picture turned out second best- graininess didn't appear until you zoomed in at least 3x. In low light conditions, the photos turned out better than before, but still had grain. I wouldn't count that too heavily against this phone as it is still just a phone. All in all, I would say you can skip buying a point and shoot if you don't have super high expectations, but if you're looking for very crisp, sharp, high quality photos (especially if you're blowing them up) you would need an actual camera.

Other aspects of the new iPhone were as expected, which is why many people concluded an upgrade to the new iPhone 7 was unnecessary if you have the 6 or 6s. I didn't notice much of a difference with processing speed or all those new specs that were touted at the Apple event- it just went in one ear and out the other. And all that talk about the head phone jack! Really? It's not a big deal! I don't get why everyone threw such a fit. They give you new ear pods AND a converter so it's not like we are required to go out and buy new equipment.

Conclusion! I'm super happy with my new iPhone 7plus simply because I needed it-if my iPhone 6 was still working I don't think I would've upgraded to this new one.