THINX Period Panty Review


Today's topic is for all women interested in reusable feminine products. I found out about THINX through an ad on Facebook and after looking into them, I ordered 2 pairs to try them out. (If you're squeamish about period details then maybe skip this post!) Here is how THINX works according to their website:

  • THINX is made up of four bits of tech that makes them anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant.

  • The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the über thin layer right beneath it, so you always stay dry.

  • To take care of your THINX, you rinse immediately after use, cold wash (waiting 'till laundry day is a-ok) and hang dry. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener! And yes, the rest of your clothes will be fine.

They have various styles (hiphugger, thong, cheeky, etc.) suitable for your change in flow. The heaviest protection is offered by the hiphugger, hi-waist, and boyshort styles.

I got the hiphugger in a size Medium (I am a size 4) as they are advertised to offer the most protection with the ability to hold 2 tampons worth of liquid.  Upon receiving them I realized they were bigger than expected. They weren't falling off my butt, but they weren't fitted either. Anyway, I contacted customer service for an exchange and they were kind enough to send me the smaller sizes on the house! FYI-THINX recommends that the fit be snug.



The hiphuggers feel like any normal underwear- just a tiny bit heavier and thicker since they have lining sewed into them. S0 Aunt Flo decided to visit me in the middle of the night, but I had my THINX undies on ready to go. I woke up a few times throughout the night and could feel wetness, but I was too sleepy to check and figured the panties would absorb it all. In the morning I discovered major leakage and stained pants, but thank god my sheets were clean. I went to the bathroom and found my period had leaked straight through the panties. I wore the nude colored pair and it was majorly stained. My periods usually start off heavy, but I didn't think they were more than 2 tampons type of heavy. Perhaps it was due to me wearing the medium pair instead of the small? I'll try again with the small size and report back with my results.

In terms of care, I thought it was kind of gross to wash them out when I used it on my heavy day. The water kept running red so I didn't dare put it in the washer with the rest of my clothes. The smell of blood was a bit harder to get out and I had to wash it 3 times until I didn't notice it anymore. On the contrary, it was a breeze to wash on my lighter days. I rinsed and soaked them in water then threw them into the washer on laundry day and they were super clean!

If you decide to try THINX panties, make sure you order your normal size as they run true to size. They have a handy chart, which I should have followed. Oops. Definitely order 2 pairs so you have time to wash/dry the used one and you won't be stuck with using something else. If you do need to contact customer service just note that they can be on the slow side. When I initiated my exchange it was 1 email a day. Confirming exchange- 1 email. Size confirmation- 1 email. Address confirmation- 1 email. I think my whole exchange process took about a week and that doesn't include shipment time. Patience is your best friend! :)


I used the smaller pair of THINX and had no leakage; however, I cannot conclude 100% if that is simply due to wearing the smaller size OR if my flow was just lighter. I was able to wear the same pair for the whole day without any accidents, but towards the end there was a slight odor. Ew. I will say that the THINX hiphuggers are effective for medium - light flow days. I prefer them as back up protection or really light days. If you hate the feeling of blood coming out of you and any possible odors then stick to menstrual cups or tampons. I converted to menstrual cups last year and nothing else compares! I think I'll save that topic for another post. Hope this was helpful if you are thinking about trying THINX!