Lazy Thanksgiving Dinner for 2


zzZZZzzzz- That's what I want to do right now! The aftermath of a Thanksgiving feast and staying up late to view Black Friday deals makes me a sleepy mess. So I didn't make this post in time before Thanksgiving, but I figure you could still do this with any left overs! This year I wasn't sure if I was going to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner since we had a lot of family traveling so to ensure I had my favorites to eat, I decided to make a mini Thanksgiving feast for 2!  We don't like turkey much, so I made some mini chicken pot pies, candied sweet potatoes, and a peach pie.


Pot pies are your lazy girl's best friend! Take whatever left over meats and vegetables you have and cook it up with some cream of mushroom/chicken or broth, sprinkle some fresh herbs, whack on some pie crust and you're good to go! :D Ok so maybe I got a little too lazy and didn't use enough pie crust to cover the whole thing so it sank into the dish, but it still tasted great.

The one thing I was super looking forward to eating was candied sweet potatoes! The combination of spices, marshmallows, and sweet potatoes are just heaven. It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving if you don't have this amazing goodness.

Lazy Thanksgiving Dinner for 2

An easy way to add some pretty color to your dining table is with drinks!! I used white wine and sprite, cranberries/pomegranates, and some herbs for garnishing. Mix them up and ta da! Pretty drinks that were so easy to make. :)


Now for dessert! This peach pie was super easy to make. Frozen peaches + flour, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon + pie crust= Peach Pie.


Hope you all had a wonderful, delicious, Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday shopping to you all and stay warm! <3

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