Spring Gardening


While everyone is in the thick of shopping and getting ready for Christmas, I'm thinking about the layout of my garden and where to plant spring blooming flowers. I've been digging, repotting, transferring and dreaming of all the lush flowers to come! Have you heard of Floret Flowers? I stumbled across them via Instagram and have been a fan ever since. When it came time to purchase Spring florals I jumped on it and got some black and white anemones and champagne ranunculus. Getting this in the mail was like getting my Sephora order. I was so excited!!


This is my first time purchasing from Floret Flowers and I can't wait to see how these florals will turn out. While these may be slightly pricer than purchasing from your local garden center, I wanted these specifically for their ability to be used as cut flowers. I'm no gardening expert, but I know not all flowers do well as cut flowers (using them in floral arrangements). These varieties grow big, fluffy, and sturdy enough for what I want to do with them! :)


I'll be growing these in the borders of the front of my house so I hope the conditions will be just right. For the most part they desire partial sun so this spot should be perfect for them!


Note: If you're new to gardening make sure you treat your soil ahead of time! When I first started I didn't think to check my soil and all my tulip bulbs ended up getting devoured by grubs! I was so sad when Spring came and I had no flowers. :(


As a side note, I'm having a blooming good year (flowers wise)! I found the perfect indoor location for my orchids and they are all starting to sprout new stems with flowers so I'll be having a colorful kitchen in the next few months!! You have no idea how excited that gets me. :) Many years back during my college days, I purchased a  cymbidium orchid that never produced flowers. This year I decided to plant them in the ground and lo and behold they are thanking me by blooming!! I'm so so so happy that they are happy and thriving in their new home. I'll come back with another post when all my orchids have bloomed so we can enjoy their beautiful colors together. :)