Algenist Drop & Glow Luminizing Duo Review

Algenist Drop and Glow Luminizing Duo

As someone who has combo oily skin I used to never think about highlighting or strobing products since anything that could make me look shiny was my enemy. Over the years I’ve learned how to manage my skin type and discovered products that would make highlighting possible. After much experimentation I’m so happy to have found Algenist’s Drop & Glow Luminizing Duo.

These drops are “a duo of serum highlighting drops in universal shades that capture and diffuse light for a soft focus, illuminated complexion.” They claim to be for every skin type and help with dullness, uneven texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. The duo comes in the shades Champagne and Rose and retail for $22.

Algenist Drop and Glow Luminizing Duo

When I first applied this on its own as a highlighter I immediately noticed how smooth and cooling it felt on the skin. Thicker than essence, thinner than gel, the texture of this is incredible. It just feels so nice to apply. Pigmentation is superb and not overly shiny like Cover FX drops, but more so than Benefit's Watts Up. The shimmers in these highlights are so fine that you see a very real, natural glow. This will be your best friend on your no- makeup -makeup days or if you just want to fake getting 8+ hours of sleep. The overall result was much smoother look when compared to Hourglass or Becca highlighters.

I tried this mixed in with my moisturizer, but did not like the combination of dewy look+ textured skin.  That function didn't work out for me, but would probably be beautiful on somebody with smoother skin. I had the prettiest results when I mixed it in with a matte foundation or  simply used as a highlighter. The most important and best thing is this highlighter did not cause any allergic or adverse reaction! :)

Algenist Drop and Glow Luminizing Duo

Algenist's Drop & Glow is an amazing highlighter that you must try! This duo in particular is excellent value for money as a little goes a long way AND you get to try 2 versatile shades. I'm so glad I stumbled across this while browsing Sephora and I'm looking forward to trying more products from their line. :)