Tatcha Bestsellers Set Review

Tatcha Bestsellers Review

Kon'nichiwa! I can finally share my thoughts about some of Tatcha’s most popular skincare products after using them for several weeks. I talked about purchasing this set in my Beauty Christmas Gift ideas post last month (here). Over the years, I have been slowly migrating towards using Asian skincare products vs. Western so it was only a matter of time before I tried Tatcha’s range. I picked up Tatcha's Bestsellers Set at Sephora for $59. This set includes trial sizes of their Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream, and the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Tatcha describes their cleansing oil simply as “a gentle, two-in-one makeup remover and cleanser that melts away even waterproof makeup, leaving behind purified, silky soft skin.” Part of me appreciates that they’re not claiming anything too over the top and that it’s just a cleanser. Sometimes when I hear cleansing products that brighten skin or tighten pores I just think it’s total b.s. Anyway, this cleansing oil has a nice, rich consistency. It’s thicker than the Shu Uemura cleansing oils so it feels like it gets in deep to break down all the grime. I tried using this on a full face of waterproof makeup + sunscreen and it took it alllllll off. I’m sure I could get away without having to double cleanse, but I still do out of habit. This definitely lives up to its claims and if money was no issue I wouldn’t mind purchasing this regularly. If you love cleansing oils and don’t mind the price tag then I totally recommend this.

Tatcha Bestsellers cleansing oil review

Onto my most favorite product out of the bunch! The rice enzyme powder is a cleanser/exfoliator duo. Again, Tatcha remains modest and just said it “exfoliates and tones without harsh abrasives for smooth, bright, baby-soft skin.” When I don’t use my konjac sponge to cleanse my face, I love using this to feel extra clean and soft. You pour out a small amount into the palm of your hand, mix with a few drops of water to create a foamy paste, and apply to face. I usually use this in the shower so it’s easy to get the right consistency and I rub it between my hands so I can wash my face quickly. This also helps to break down a tiny bit of the exfoliating bits in case your skin is more on the sensitive side (like mine is!). I find that the products I use post cleansing absorb way better. I can feel my skin drink up the toner and essence, and serums and moisturizers sink in most comfortably. This is the one item from Tatcha that I’ve actually bought repeatedly as it is truly the best exfoliator I’ve ever used. It’s gentle enough where it doesn’t make the skin red or irritated, and effective enough to remove dead skin and dry patches. I’ve tried the Indigo version, but couldn’t tell a difference so I’ll be sticking to the original!

Tatcha Bestsellers Rice Enzyme Powder review

The silk cream is a “luxurious yet weightless feeling gel-cream of Silk extracts, Squalane, Royal Jelly and our anti-aging HADASEI-3TMComplex.” Ok so in real life I didn’t read about what went into the cream. I just figured this had to have some magic in it because the regular sized one costs a pretty penny! When I first used this I noticed two things straight off the bat. 1. Scent- a bit too strong and high risk of reactivity for me. 2. Texture- this was fun because it looked and felt like a gel, but when applied to the skin, it felt like a cream. I guess they weren’t kidding when they said it was a long lasting moisturizer without heavy oils. There was no miracle in this jar, but it worked well in combination with my vitamin C serum/BHA. If I had to shell out $150 for a face cream, I would expect it to do more than just be a long lasting moisturizer. As I didn’t get any significant results with this one I will not be repurchasing the full size.

Tatcha Bestsellers silk cream review

Tatcha’s dewy skin mist was all the rage on YouTube a while back. All the beauty gurus were saying how amazing it was and I wanted to try it. Practicality won and I waited until now to get it as part of a set to test it. I normally use MAC’s fix plus to set my makeup so I was expecting a better result. I did not expect an oily, shiny mess. Immediately after doing a light spritz on my face I could see the shine and thought it would sink in and disappear. Nope! It looked like I was sweating. This did not work out for me as a makeup setting spray; however, I found it worked better when incorporated as part of my skin care prior to makeup application. I used this after toner and before moisturizer so that it could get locked in. Anything that hydrates and creates a good base for makeup application is always a plus in my book. I have to add that the packaging is superb! Aside from it just being a pretty bottle, the spray nozzle delivers the finest, most even mist I ever tried. I tried to just concentrate it on my face, but it got on my hair, neck, and clothes. It has such a wide range that I feel like it’s almost a waste. :(  While this one didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, I still found it to be useful. If you have drier skin then I would definitely recommend this, but if you are oily then I would advise trying it out at Sephora first before committing.

Tatcha Bestsellers dewy skin mist review

All in all, I’m so glad Tatcha came out with this set. I was able to try everything I wanted at a reasonable price. It definitely makes a great gift for your loved ones and the beautiful packaging will blow them away. <3

Tatcha Bestsellers review