PMS Chocolate Cravings

PMS Chocolate Cravings

When it’s that time of the month, my cravings are as what my husband would call, “beastly.” Sometimes I just need chocolate. NEED, not want. I’m not talking about healthy options here, ok? I’m talking about some sweet as hell, double, triple chocolate amazingness that will give you diabetes if you eat it all the time. I keep a reserve of chocolate bars solely for these times of crises. Some of you may know what I’m talking about when there is a verrrryyy specific chocolate craving- hot, melt in your mouth, semi-sweet/dark, comes in a form of a fat slice of cake or cookie (aka health packs). Are you looking for that? I GOT YOU.

I found my ‘health pack’ from Tanya Burr. She has this cookie recipe that is sickly sweet, but hits the spot perfectly when you need it. Here it is:

PMS Chocolate Cravings


200g butter

300g caster sugar

1 large egg

275g self-raising flour

75g cocoa powder

a little dash of milk

a large bar of milk chocolate

a large bar of white chocolate

a large bar of dark chocolate


Pop your oven on to 200 degrees Celsius

Cream together your butter and sugar

Crack in your egg

Stir in all the dry ingredients

Add a dash of milk if your mixture is looking dry

Break up all of your chocolate and throw it in, using your hands to get it into the dough

Line 2 trays with baking paper (the cookies will spread in the oven so don’t place them close together)

Pick up small handfuls of cookie dough and place them onto your trays

Pop them into the oven for 11 minutes -When you get them out they will not look cooked, it is vital you know this, as it will be very tempting to leave them in for longer and then they’ll be hard and overcooked once they are cool. Just take your cookies out after 11 minutes and leave them to cool for about 30 minutes.


** To try and make this recipe ‘healthier’ I use half the sugar and half the amount of chocolate bars**

I make half this recipe with my own adjustments because it really is just too much on its own. It only takes ONE of these cookies to shut my chocolate cravings down. So, I’ll be enjoying one of these bad boys tonight wrapped up in my fluffy robe with my fluffy blanket while watching Harry Potter. Or maybe I should watch a K-Drama and cry my eyes out. Hrm… choices. Peace. xoxo

PMS Chocolate Cravings
PMS Chocolate Cravings
PMS Chocolate Cravings
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