Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream Review

super aqua max moisture watery cream review

Even though spring is fast approaching, the cold air outside and the dry heat inside has left my skin parched. When I was in L.A., I visited Nature Republic and bought the Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream on a whim. The sales girl said it was part of their best selling product line so I had to try it (It was only $17!). Doesn’t the name sound so appealing? The words ‘aqua’ and ‘watery cream’ sounds like music to my ears. Soothe my dry skin!!

The Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream is supposed to “provide a watery texture for hydration with a less creamy and heavy feel.” It also claims to have some Hawaiian water and Polynesian Lagoon water that has special hydrating properties. It all sounds so magical and mermaid like… if you’re into that.

The Super Aqua Max cream has a fresh floral scent that reminds me of my mom. I am usually quite sensitive to fragranced skin care products, but this one was ok. The texture is like a gel mixed with oil. As you’re rubbing it into your skin you can feel the thickness of the moisture, but it dries very quickly leaving a soft and smooth finish.

super aqua max moisture watery cream review

I just applied it to the back of one hand and it made it so soft and silky, but don’t be fooled. Unfortunately when applied to the face it’s not as impressive. I find myself needing to layer moisturizing products before using this cream for my skin to feel comfortable. This cream does not make the skin feel like its drinking moisture. It just feels like it absorbs too quickly and disappears. While this cream technically did its job, I didn’t find it appropriate for me. It is better suited for someone who has oilier skin and is looking only for moisturizing properties. If you want to wake up to a noticeable difference (i.e a glow, or plump skin) then you need something else.

Thanks for reading and hope you found this helpful! I have some La Mer products that need testing so stay tuned! :)

super aqua max moisture watery cream review