Combination Skincare | Humid Climates


Helloooo! I’ve been away in Miami and just got back a few days ago so I haven’t been able to blog. I’ll be sharing a picture heavy post on Friday about why we went, the places we visited, and the things we ate. So, being the skincare product junkie I am, I wanted to share what I used on my face to keep it smooth and clear while in a hot and humid climate. In California, I’m dry combination, but once I’m anywhere humid/hot I become oily/oily combination. I didn’t want to bring my entire bathroom so I kept it simple and here are the things I took with me:

Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick

This solid stick cleanser was perfect for this trip! I didn’t have to worry about spills in my bag and it did a great job cleansing my face. Sweat and oil, be gone! The added green tea leaves provided a bit of exfoliation so it made me feel extra clean. Because I was in a humid environment, my skin felt extremely comfortable post cleanse and I did not experience any dryness.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

I am SO happy I brought this aloe gel. The other moisturizers I had at home were too heavy for this trip so this was perfect. A light, nonirritating layer of moisture is exactly what I needed underneath my sunscreen to let my skin breath. Bye bye, breakouts! This also worked so well to soothe Kevin's sunburn! :)

Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil

I had this travel size cleansing oil by Tatcha so it came along with me for my double cleansing ritual! I love using cleansing oils or balms even when I’m not wearing makeup because it helps break down my sunscreen. I want my face cleeaaaannnnnn!

COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads

Pimple fighter, toner, and exfoliator all in one! I love how this has so many uses! This was perfect for soothing my skin after a full day of wearing makeup, sweating, and hot hot weather.

Innisfree Rose Mask

To help revive my skin after our redeye flight, I used this rose mask from Innisfree. It’s not anything super fancy, but it provides a good boost of moisture for dry, stressed, tired skin.

Skincare Humid Weather
Skincare Humid Weather
Skincare Humid Weather