SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask Review


I don’t usually purchase luxury skincare ($$$) because 1. I don’t think it’s worth it 2. There is always a dupe for less $. HOWEVER, there is something I stumbled across that I do believe is worth purchasing especially if you have an important event where you need/want to look your best. In my case I wanted to look my best before my wedding. Aside from going for facials, I decided to pick up the 3D Redefining Sheet Masks from SK-II to pamper myself. (Note- a quality sheet mask is determined by a. the material of the sheet mask and b. the serum that the mask is soaked in.) I have to say that these sheet masks are the most luxurious things I’ve ever tried. The mask itself comes in two parts (1 for the upper portion of your face and 1 for the lower) and is made of a thick cotton like material that stays on your face so you don’t have to worry about slippage. If you are no stranger to sheet masks, then you can immediately feel the difference in quality when you try this. Most sheet masks are one-size-fits-all so you end up with too much or too little coverage. This 3-D mask is unique in that the mask is stretchable to fit the contours of your face. Just remember that once you stretch the material, it will not bounce back.

Not only is the sheet mask of excellent quality, the serum in this sheet mask is extremely moisturizing and nourishing. It has a thicker consistency, slightly viscous, and has a light, pleasant scent. I leave this mask on until it starts to feel dry or sometimes I sleep with it. The results are undeniable. Your skin is visibly plumped, radiant, glowing, soft, hydrated, and all things amazing. I have some fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth, and they are gone after I use this mask. I was told those lines were due to dehydration and not age… not sure if that’s true, but this mask made them go away! All in all, you look healthy and well rested.

I was so excited to talk about the qualities of the mask I forgot to mention the price! They sell a box of 6 masks for $150. That puts each mask at $25. When you look at the masks at a per unit price it isn’t TOO shocking and with the results you get I think it is extremely worth it. I highly highly recommend this sheet mask!

SK-II 3D Mask Review
SK-II 3D Mask Review