Tropical Asian Fruit Lemonade


It has been really hot in the bay the past week and we have no A/C in the house to cool us off. :( I racked my brain for how my mom used to beat the heat since we didn’t grow up with A/C, and I remembered she used to make her lemon and honey concoction. It wasn’t your typical lemonade! She added ai-yu jelly and longan fruit to the mix. Since its been passed on to me, I wanted to change it up a bit so I also threw in jackfruit and chia seeds. Oh my goodness, drinking this cold drink on a hot day is SO refreshing. This will definitely cool you off in no time. You can add ice to this, but I didn’t have any so I just popped mine in the fridge. There are no real measurements to this so I’ll do my best to create a ‘recipe’ for a whole pitcher (serves 8-10).


5-6C Water

Lemons (to taste- I used 6)

Honey (to taste)

1 can of aiyu jelly

1 can of longan fruit

1 can of jackfruit (optional)

Ice (optional)

Chia seeds (optional)


Squeeze lemons into a pitcher or bowl and mix with honey. Add water and adjust to taste with more lemons or *honey.

Chop the aiyu jelly into bite sized pieces and add it to the mix. Combine the longan, jackfruit, and chia seeds, and stir well. If you’re adding chia seeds wait about 10 minutes before serving so they can plump up. Add ice and serve immediately or refrigerate it until ready to serve.

*I don’t make it too sweet with honey because I end up pouring the entire can of longan + syrup into the mixture. This usually makes it just right!

Enjoy this as a cool drink or a cold dessert on a hot day! I hope you love this as much as I do.