Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick In Green Tea Review


When it comes to face cleansers I like them gentle, effective, non-drying, and with as little fragrance as possible. I’ve been enjoying SU:M 37’s Rose Stick Cleanser, but wanted to try the Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick in Green Tea to compare.

Neogen’s Green Tea stick cleanser is formulated with 13 natural oils, contains green tea leaves to exfoliate, and has a low pH to gently cleanse your skin. A quick scan of the ingredient list shows the 13 oils include: coconut oil, two types of camellia seed oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, evening primrose oil, lime oil, basil oil, 2 flower oils, lemon peel oil, and orange oil. I don’t usually spend too much time reading up on ingredients (except for some major red flags like maybe that lemon and orange oil...), so the descriptions sound very impressive. However, the actual results weren’t.


First impressions: extremely fragrant, the green tea leaves felt a little too rough, my skin was red and blotchy after rinsing.

After a week of use: skin felt more sensitive to the leaves, more redness in skin, overall skin was not comfortable and slightly irritated.

After 3+ weeks of use: skin has become less reactive to cleanser

My increased sensitivity could have been due to other factors, so I can’t completely blame the cleanser. I did notice that as I continued to use the stick cleanser, the leafy bits were smaller and smoother than the first time. I’m also not as red and sensitive so perhaps my skin acclimated? I didn’t enjoy the strong fragrance in this cleanser since it’s a potential irritant. Despite the few cons I had, it did its job and cleansed pretty well, and I think this would be better to use in hotter/humid climates. It leaves you feeling a little too clean and fresh so a plus for oily skins or hot weather.


This cleanser ended up being just OK for me so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin. I still prefer the one by SU:M 37 for its gentleness. If you tried this, did you like it?