Erborian Ginseng Milk Review


I’ve seen Erborian around for quite a while now and always wanted to try out something from their line. A fusion of French and Korean beauty sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Since Sephora was having a sale and I needed a toner, it was the best time for me to try out their Gingseng Milk. This one retails for $39, but I got it for roughly $30 after the sale and using ebates. Erborian’s Ginseng Milk is supposed to smooth, soften, and tighten the skin thereby improving overall skin texture. It is meant to be used after cleansing and before moisturizing.

I just did a review on La Mer and funny enough these products have a similar fragrance. Maybe it’s a French thing? I am sensitive to fragrances so that was a red flag for me, but thankfully I did not react this time around. In terms of texture, this toner is like a slightly watered down moisturizer. It’s quite hydrating so it’s perfect for dry or combination skin.

Although this product is supposed to be like a toner, I’ve been using it more as a moisturizer because it’s thicker in consistency. It also feels more comfortable using after something like Klair's toner than directly after cleansing. After using Klair’s toner or SU:M 37 essence, I pour a nickel sized amount into the palms of my hands and pat it into my skin. I’ll also apply a bit more under my eyes like a mini mask treatment for those pesky fine lines. Since it has been warmer, I’ve been following up with my Nature Republic aloe and my skin has been pretty balanced and happy.

I’ve had a decent experience with Erborian’s Ginseng Milk and think it’s worth a try if you’re curious. They sell a smaller version for $10 on the Erborian website! I think it’s better suited for drier skins and colder weather, but still overall an alright product. I wouldn’t repurchase this immediately simply because I didn't see a huge difference in my skin and  I’m not a fan of the fragrance. If this had no fragrance or at least a different scent, I’d probably like it a lot more. There are still so many other products out there that I want to try so this one doesn’t make it to my permanent shelf… at least not yet.