Unicorn Cotton Candy Clown and Creepy Clown Makeup | Halloween Edition

It’s almost Halloween! Do you have your costume ready? Every year Kevin and I visit our local Spirit Halloween store to check out the latest costumes and we always end up DIY-ing it.

This year we decided to be clowns! I’m sure there will be plenty of Pennywise costumes out and about as well as other clown outfits. Kevin wanted a Butterscotch look so here's what I came up with: 

Creepy Clown Makeup_DSC_9336.jpg


the KlOwN

Creepy Clown Makeup_DSC_9345.jpg


Creepy right? Looking at the pictures just freaks me out. On the other hand I wanted something sweet and magical. Check it out:

Cute Unicorn Cotton Candy Clown Makeup_DSC_9401.jpg

Cotton Candy

Cute Unicorn Cotton Candy Clown Makeup_DSC_9387.jpg

do you believe in magic

The only thing I purchased for these looks was $1 white face paint from Target. I would recommend using what you already have at home so it’s more economical! I happen to have some colorful makeup so it was fun to experiment with different colors and designs. The photo below shows everything I used. Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

Cute Unicorn Cotton Candy Clown Makeup_DSC_9376.jpg

Trick or Treat