Tartelette Toasted Palette Review & Makeup Look

★★★★★ out of 5

Pros: Beautiful colors, not your typical browns

Cons: None

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Good morning! This post was supposed to go up 2 weeks ago, but I had crap wifi in Korea and I got locked out of my account! I feel so bad that this isn't in time for all the sales, but hopefully it's still helpful as a gift idea for Christmas! Anyway, If you saw in my previous post I picked up the Tartelette Toasted Palette so it’s time for a review.

What It Is

An eyeshadow palette filled with 12 warm, rich eyeshadows. Each shadow contains 0.053oz of product. You can find it at Sephora for $46.

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This palette is gorgeous! When I saw it online I figured that I probably had similar shades in my collection, but after doing some comparison swatches, I am so happy that they were quite different. I only found 2 similar shades in the ABH Modern Renaissance palette (Raw Sienna/Primavera), which you’ll see below.

Tartelette Toasted Review & Makeup Look_DSC_0430.jpg

Overall these are beautiful warm shades that remind me of pumpkin spiced lattes. They’re not overly orange, but flattering warm orange-ish brown-ish tones that really complement the skin. I love how they look on my brown eyes! 

In terms of quality and texture they are all consistent. Smooth, blendable, pigmented. There is a little bit of kick up in the shadows, but I’ve noticed shadows that are pigmented/soft/buttery/etc. all have some degree of it. The shade Candle has a little bit of a stick to it- almost like a cream texture. Another unique shade that I absolutely love is crackle. It’s a woodsy brown color with gold sparkles in it that looks gorgeous for both day and night time looks. The glitters aren’t too heavy so it’s wearable without looking too young.

Tartelette Toasted Review & Makeup Look_DSC_0520.jpg
Tartelette Toasted Review & Makeup Look_DSC_0524.jpg

Here is how I took the daytime look and added some of the darker shades to transform it to evening makeup. 

Tartelette Toasted Review & Makeup Look_DSC_0553.jpg
Tartelette Toasted Review & Makeup Look_DSC_0559.jpg


If you love neutrals as I do then this is a lovely palette to have. It’s not your typical nude palette so it’s worth checking out!