Where Did All the Good Dermatologists Go?

Today I wanted to talk about something that has been an on-going issue for many years. I’ve been looking to have some sort of acne scar revision procedure done for the last… oh I don’t know maybe 7 years? I haven’t been able to do anything because I have not found a single trustworthy, professional dermatologist.

After my acne healed it was a no brainer that I was going to need some sort of procedure to deal with the scars. (Read about my skin journey here) I scoured the Internet for board certified dermatologists specializing in acne scar revision and asked for referrals. I found a handful of potential doctors who looked promising and scheduled consultations with them. By the way, what I’m about to describe is what happened at every single consultation I went to. Each doctor I met with sat roughly 4-5 feet away from me, and then proceeded to ‘examine’ (a cursory glance at my face in that same seated position) my skin.  I was always recommended some form of Fraxel Laser or microdermabrasion.  

All my consultations lasted roughly 15 minutes and not one doctor was within a foot of my face. Google did a better job diagnosing the type of acne scars I had. From what I learned through my own research, different acne scars require different techniques to fix them. Some just need filler or TCA and some need a combination of different lasers on various parts of the face. There is no ‘one size fits all’ for treating acne scars. I’m so disappointed that none of the dermatologists I met with shared this with me. Either they were unaware or they didn’t care. At the end of it all I always felt like the doctors were rushing through the consult and eager to move on to their next patient.

As someone who has been through a lot dealing with skin issues, I’m not about to fork over several thousand dollars to someone who 1. Doesn’t care 2. Isn’t an expert when they claim to be 3. Only sees me as a contributor to their next Ferrari and 4. Could potentially ruin my face. Does anyone else feel this way?

I’ve expanded my search internationally, but it seems a bit too extreme to have to go so far. If anyone knows a really good dermatologist that specializes in acne scar revision then please let me know! 


When the light shines just right, you see everything :(