November 2017 Favorites

Where did the time go?!  November hit the fast track and left me winded! I was in Korea this month and just returned a week ago so my favorites are related to my trip. Here they are!


Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream ($16 on Amazon)

Ladies and Gents: I present to you the savior for cracked/dry lips. Scenario: Hubs and I are on a long-haul flight and its dry as a desert in the cabin. Both our lips start feeling tight and uncomfortable. I remember I had this in my carryon so I put the tiniest bit on and guess who had smooth, soft, comfortable lips at the end of the flight? :) This cream is not overly greasy and light on the lips so it’s 100x better than using Vaseline! It’s a multi-purpose medicated cream that can be used anywhere on the body. This sample size I received is lasting forever!

Laniege Water Sleeping Mask ($25 on Amazon)

This is a rediscovery for me! This made it into my travel bag because I knew I would be having poor sleep quality so I needed a no-fuss pick me up to look alive.  Even though I packed a couple sheet masks, I found myself reaching for this instead because I was too tired to deal with a sheet mask. I K.O’ed every night immediately after showering so this was perfect! And yes, it really did make my skin look like I slept 8 hours when really I only had 2 in 36 hours. 

November 2017 Favorites_DSC_1876.jpg

Lacvert Mild Ato Cream (~$15 USD)

Oh my god. Where has this been all my life? We purposely made a trip to Songpa-gu to find a store called Homeplus (it’s like a Wal-Mart), which was the ONLY place that carried this cream. Not only did we go out of our way to find this store, we searched through all the aisles and hubs wanted to give up, but in a last ditch effort I asked a sales associate who had to make a call to find out where the product was. HALLELUJAH! I bought 2, but now I’m wishing I got more. If you saw on my Instagram, I mentioned this cream is meant for babies. It’s incredibly gentle, has a light and pleasant yakult (that Asian yogurt drink) scent, and it’s non-greasy. This milky cream was a godsend for our dry, cracked skin. Love. It. Need. More. 


November 2017 Favorites_DSC_1880.jpg

Essence in a Spray bottle

Ok this might seem odd at first, but my favorite is using essence in mist form. I couldn’t pack my Missha bottle so I decided to pour it into this mist bottle purely out of convenience. This results in using more essence, but my skin seems to like it better this way! It saves me time and mess too! I also used it as a makeup setting spray and loved how it worked with the added skincare benefits.

Compact Tangle Teezer ($17 on Amazon)

It’s cute, compact, and travel friendly. What else can I say?

*Image from AsianWiki

*Image from AsianWiki

Go Back Couple

My #2 K-drama of all time! Kevin and I both loved this series so much. It was real, relatable, and just damn good. If you’ve been with your significant other for many years then this is a must watch! I don’t want to spoil it so just go check it out now!

That’s it! This is a first… no makeup! Ha Ha that’s because it’s all going to be in December’s post!!! See ya!