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Shopping in S. Korea | KBeauty Makeup Haul

Shopping in S. Korea | KBeauty Makeup Haul

Hi friends! This is part two of my KBeauty haul! If you missed it, part 1 is here. Just like before I listed the price I paid for your reference. I also included a few non-makeup items at the end so enjoy!


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1806.jpg

Perfecting Cushion EX $49


UV Mist Cushion Ultra Moisture $34

Black Cushion $38


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1809.jpg

Blush Cushion- Coral, Pink 11,900 won each

Face Blush- Rose Beige 17,000 won

Mood Recipe Lipstick- #218 Mirrorlike 17,900 won


Basic Idol Lash No. 1, 4, 5, 7, 8 singles 1,750 won/multipack 4,000 won

Premium Idol Lash No. 9, 12, 13 3,000 won each

Eyeshadow M18, M20, G06 4,000 won each

Cream to Shine Lip Tint- No.1 Miss Burgundy 7,200 won

Beauty Tools

Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1811.jpg

Brush Cleaning Mat from Butter ~3,000 won

Skinfood Makeup Sponges 1,500 won each

Moonshot Cushion Puffs 4,000 won

Espoir Silicon Puff 5,000 won

Aritaum Eyelash Tweezer 1,250 won

Aritaum Eyebrow Razor 2,000 won


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1812.jpg

Brick Brown Palette 32,000 won

Dailism Coralic Stick Eyeshadow- Coralic Amalilys 14,000 won

Serum Rouge- Morning Calm, Morning Glow 16,000 won each


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1814.jpg

Water Glow Foundation 19,000 won

Etude House

Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1818.jpg
Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1826.jpg

Curl Fix Mascara 12,000 won

Curl Fix Mascara Long Lash 12,000 won

Dear Darling Tint 5,000 won / 4,000 won

Tint My 4-Tip Brow 8,500 won


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1823.jpg

Wine Lip Tint-RD01, OR01 4,000 won 1+1


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1824.jpg

Ink Velvet- Sellout Red 9,000 won

Airy Ink Velvet- My Brown Coral 7,200 won


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1825.jpg
Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1802.jpg

Brow Shaper Mascara- 03 18,000 won

Moonshot Face Perfection Balm Cushion 36,000 won

Pony Effect

Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1829.jpg

Unlimited Cream Shadow- #futureproof 18,000 won

The Saem

Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1830.jpg

Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 4,000 won each


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1801.jpg

Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner 9,600 won

Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Ampoule Cushion 25,600 won


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1832.jpg

No Sebum Mineral Powder 6,000 won


Shopping Korea Kbeauty Makeup Haul_DSC_1789.jpg


Shopping Korea Haul_DSC_0941.jpg
Shopping Korea Haul_DSC_1201.jpg
Shopping Korea Haul_DSC_1790.jpg

That is pretty much everything! I realized I had a few other clothing items I missed, but they'll probably make an appearance at some point later on. I think Korea has become my favorite travel destination. I love everything from the food to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! Can't wait to visit again! 

 I <3 Korea!

I <3 Korea!

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Shopping in S. Korea | KBeauty Skin Care Haul

Shopping in S. Korea | KBeauty Skin Care Haul