Shiseido Perfect Whip Review

Do you ever imagine what it would feel like to immerse yourself in a super puffy, luxurious, soft cloud? If you’re into that kind of thing then you should check out Shiseido’s Perfect Whip!

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Perfect Whip is a foaming cleanser meant to create a super rich foam that protects the skin from ‘harsh cleansing motions.’  If you Google image search this cleanser, you’ll see pictures of big puffy clouds of foam. It looks so soft and fluffy!! As nice as that is, you should also know that foaming cleansers are notorious for being very drying.  The more you use, the more dry you end up feeling. The nice thing about this one is it doesn’t take much to create lots of foam!

When I was testing this out I was using a dime-sized amount. It foamed plenty for washing my face and had a light, pleasant fragrance.  I’ll admit it was pretty fun using so much foam to cleanse, but after I rinsed it was not that great. I felt like there was a thin film over my skin that made me feel sticky and dry. You know that feeling, right?  Although I follow up with lots of moisturizing products, I don’t like being dry straight after washing. I also did a test where I washed my glasses with the cleanser and sure enough my lenses were streaky and cloudy. 

Some pros and cons:

  • fun to use

  • cleanses decently

  • great for shaving

  • non irritating

  • drying :(

I’ve seen Perfect Whip sold at Japanese grocery/specialty stores for $11 and up, but I ordered mine off Amazon for $7. The catch is I waited for a month to actually receive it.  It came in from Japan and I guess it was the slowest (aka cheapest) shipping method.  If you prefer thick foam cleansers this is great for you. If you don’t like that filmy, sticky, squeaky clean, feeling then this is not for you.

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*The Senka line is Shiseido's budget friendly option!