Flow Fushi Mote Liner Review

Hello! I’m back again with another eyeliner review! Just like my last post about the Smashbox Always On Gel Liner, this Flow Fushi Mote Liner is another staple item. I’m a fan of Pony so when she mentioned how great this liner was, I was very keen on trying it.

What It Is

The Flow Fushi Mote Liner is a liquid eyeliner that is sweat, water, tear, and sebum resistant. What makes this one really special is a Kumano brush maker invented the brush and is made with 4 types of bristles. It is ergonomic thanks to its octagonal handle so you have a steadier application. It comes in a few shades: natural brown, navy, black, brown black. 


I should preface this by saying that my go-to liquid liner were the ones by Kat Von D, but not anymore! When I first opened up this liner I was super impressed with the brush tip. It is one of the finest, sharpest brush tips I’ve used that is extremely smooth and flexible. I love the way the liner fits in my hand and it really does help with getting a precise application. When you want a sharp wing, you need that extra fine tip!

Thanks husband for being hand model.

Thanks husband for being hand model.

After using this liner just about everyday for about a month now, I can say that this eyeliner is freaking amazing. The brush tip is still just as sharp and smooth as the day I got it. Pigment is still strong and the lasting power has not changed. I swipe this on in the AM, and it looks the same all throughout the day until I remove it at night.  Note- I do use either a primer or loose powder on my lids prior to application, but this doesn’t always guarantee smudge proof eye makeup anyway so the fact that this one doesn’t budge is very impressive. Just don’t expect it to last if you rub your eyes or use it in your waterline. The best part about this is how easy the clean up is. Warm water will take it all off!!

I also have to mention that winging out my eyeliner has never been easier! It’s so precise so you don’t end up having that problem where you keep evening out each side to match and then it’s just a hot mess.


If you can find this liner then you must try! I got mine from a Japanese shop at my local Westfield called Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle for around $20.  You can find it online at Amazon or eBay as well. 

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