J.One Jelly Pack Review

J.One Jelly Pack!!! I got it for $42 at Sephora  and have lots to say.  Lezzzz go!

What It Is

 The J.One Jelly Pack is “a great multi-tasker that firms skin, hydrates, and 'grips' makeup all in one for a flawless, plump complexion.“ It functions as a treatment, mask, and primer meant to create a super smooth canvas for sunscreen or foundation. It is also known for providing a slight lifting effect on the skin. Apply straight after cleansing in the morning and follow up with sunscreen and makeup or apply in the evening as a leave on mask to seal all your products in. There are plenty of instructional videos on how to apply this so I’ll just quickly describe the process. Dispense a few pumps to spread over the skin in upwards motions and pat into the skin until absorbed. It is good to use for all skin types.

Ingredient Analysis

After running the full ingredient list through COSDNA’s analyzer I checked out the first 10 items.  The first half was either solvents or emulsifiers and the last 4 or 5 had something a little more interesting- Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Rosemary Leaf Water, Chamomile Flower Water, Yeast/Fermented black tea extract. Those guys have whitening, anti-inflammatory, masking, and conditioning properties. Can’t really say if they are effective, but they’re in the top 10. The remaining ingredients were mostly moisturizers, more solvents, and a couple of preservatives. All in all, the product itself is safe to use. No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.


I read the instructions prior to using this, but all it said to do was sweep onto skin and pat in. So, I applied it like how I normally apply my creams, which is a combination of rub and sweep, and it was so incredibly sticky. Like trying to smear tar. I figured it couldn’t be right so after doing some research you’re supposed to sweep or smear it upwards. This technique actually made a huge difference. Instead of a sticky mess it morphed into a watery texture that applied very smoothly. It didn’t feel sticky until I started patting it in, but once absorbed it was smooth with a little bit of tackiness.

I’ll be honest- I don’t see much of a difference with my skin. I feel more hydrated, but I don’t notice anything with lines, pores, texture, or lifting. I did not react to this product, which is great since I have sensitive skin, but it didn't work as I expected it to. I tested the J.One Jelly Pack several ways to figure out which step it would be in my routine so here’s how it looked:

Cleanse -> JJ Pack-> Makeup

I felt a little dry, but sticky. Makeup application didn't feel any different, but it did not last and it caked up a bit around my nose. I know this doesn’t control oil, but I just didn’t see any smoothing, or filling, etc. Makeup lasted 2-3 hours and I felt naked without sunscreen.

Cleanse-> JJ Pack -> Sunscreen-> Makeup

This one was a little weird because the sunscreen seemed to sit on top of my skin and it took extra work to get it to absorb. I realized this was because the jelly pack had not dried down completely so the two consistencies were clashing. Again, makeup did not last and I was cake face.

Cleanse -> Toner -> JJ Pack -> Sunscreen-> Makeup

 My skin felt more comfortable because of the added toner, but makeup longevity was still the same.

Cleanse->Toner->Sunscreen-> JJ Pack-> Makeup

  No difference.

Cleanse-> Toner-> Moisturizer-> Sunscreen -> JJ Pack-> Makeup

 My skin liked this method more because of the added hydration, but makeup was still the same as the others.

Cleanse->Toner->Moisturizer->JJ Pack-> Sunscreen-> Makeup

 YES- this was the best method for my skin.

Cleanse->Toner-> Serum-> Treatment->Moisturizer->JJ Pack

 This was perfect for using it at night and I’ll admit my skin felt softer and smoother even though it didn’t really look it.

I also used the J.One Jelly Pack with cream foundation, liquid foundation, and powder foundation. Guess which one(s) didn’t work! To my disappointment, powder and cream both looked pretty bad.  My pores and lines were emphasized, the makeup did not blend well resulting in ugly patches of caked up foundation, and it just did not look good. I thought maybe putting a little setting powder before applying the powder/cream formulas would help, but no, it just made it worse. My trusty fix+ couldn’t even do anything. 

This pack works best with liquid foundations, but even then the results are not impressive. Despite baking my face, it only made my makeup last maybe 2 hours longer than the usual. So we’re looking at a total of 4-5 hours max of wear time before the makeup starts breaking down. The lines under my eyes and forehead became more prominent because the makeup would settle into them. :(

Today I skipped out on using the pack and my makeup actually looked better and lasted way longer.


The J. One Jelly Pack did not work for me. I was hoping to use it as a makeup primer, but it just didn’t do the job. I’ll continue using it as skincare for my nighttime routine to finish it off, but I will not repurchase. I think it’s a very creative concept, but as the stereotypes go: all in one products are usually inferior.