Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum Review

A key component of the anti-aging fight is hydration. Keeping the skin hydrated prevents dryness, flakes, tightness, and is so important for youthful looking skin. I used to always focus on lightweight, gel, oil free skincare formulas, but that all changed as I got older.  With anti-aging as a top concern, I’ve been incorporating more moisturizing products into my routine. Cue in the KlairsRich Moist Soothing Serum!

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum Review

This caught my eye while perusing SokoGlam for new skincare. I was sold when I realized it was formulated to hydrate and soothe sensitive skins.

This formula is quite viscous and is very much like the COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Power Essence. It is a clear serum that has a light herbal fragrance, like the Supple Preparation Toner. It is not irritating and very hydrating. As the instructions note, 1 pea-sized amount is perfect for the entire face. I apply this after my toner and gently pat it in to absorb.  It reminds me of using fresh aloe vera! It gets quite sticky as you pat it in, but feels fine once dried.

I’ve tried the layering method with this and was quite pleased! 3 times was kind of overkill, but twice was the perfect amount for my combo oily skin, and I didn’t need another moisturizer after.  I’ll occasionally add AHA/BHA or Vitamin C on top and this serum works great as a buffer to protect my skin from sensitivities.  I’ve really been loving this combination because my skin gets all the exfoliation help it needs with zero irritation and lots of hydration.

This serum can also replace a couple products (essence/ampoule/emulsion/cream) and streamline your routine. For me, I like to keep my skincare to about 6 products and this serum cuts it down to 4. 

I ran the ingredient list through COSDNA and all the ingredients scored very low across the board for acne, irritation, and safety.  This is definitely a sensitive skin friendly product!

If you live in hot/humid weather this product might be too heavy (I’d just layer the Supple Preparation Toner), but if you live in drier, colder weather you’ll definitely love this.  I think this is an excellent hydrating product and is worth trying if your skin needs a drink!