Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream Review

It’s the end of another week so it’s the last of my Klairs reviews AND it’s time to sit back and chill out. I like to unwind with an at home facial and pamper my face with lots of hydrating, soothing products. To calm my skin, I’ve been testing out Klair’s Midnight Blue Calming Cream.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream Review

What It Is

This blue tinted cream is supposed to calm irritated and stressed skin with the help of Guaiazulene and Centella Asiatica Extract. Guaiazulene is what gives this cream its unique blue color and is extracted from chamomile oil, which has calming properties. Centella Asiatica has hydrating properties and relieves irritation and redness.  It is safe for all skin types including those prone to acne. It can be used to soothe sunburns, post-shaving irritation, popped pimples, etc. 

Ingredient Analysis

COSDNA shows all but three ingredients in this cream to be very low across the board for acne, irritant and safety. Triethanol amine, a pH adjuster, was a 5/10 for safety. Fragrance and Guaiazulene both also had a range of 1-4 out of 10 for safety.  Overall, still low scoring on the scale and safe to use.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream Review
Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream Review


I tested this cream several ways and here’s what happened:

Popped pimples/post extraction- On smaller picked pimples (think little pustules), this seemed to heal them up rather quickly. On larger ones (like the kind that hurt), this didn’t have much of an effect on them. It kept the area moisturized, but didn’t help with redness or swelling.

Sunburns- My husband was badly burned after being outside for several hours and I tried this on his shoulders. While it didn’t take away the redness, it did soothe the burn so it wasn’t as painful. Because it was very moisturizing, his burned skin didn’t feel as tight either. In comparison to fresh aloe vera, I like this cream better because it is so hydrating. Although I love that aloe vera is all-natural, it dries down and makes tight skin feel tighter.

Post facial- My at home facials always include my fave Aztec Clay Mask  and that always leave me looking like I just sat in a tanning bed. It’s harsh and very drying, but so effective. I applied this cream after the soothing serum and I felt instant relief. Although my skin was still red, it felt deeply hydrated like all the moisture that was sucked out from the mask was getting put back. My skin recovered so much quicker so I think the cream and serum were both extremely effective in this case. 

Irritated/Sensitive areas- The skin on the sides of my nose is very thin and extremely sensitive so when I react to a product it will almost always show there. This time around it was super itchy and red so instead of applying Neosporin, I used the cream. Surprisingly, this healed it up overnight without breaking me out.

Redness- I naturally have lots of redness in my skin so I wanted to see if this would reduce it. Unfortunately, it was a temporary fix that worked at night. I would wake up to clear, even skin, but the redness would return as soon as I washed my face. Applying this cream in the day time did not have any effect for me.


I like that I can turn to the Klairs Calming Cream to save my skin when it’s irritated. It’s a wonderful moisturizer that isn’t overly greasy and it sinks in, leaving you comfortably hydrated. Despite that, I have other more pressing skin concerns that this cream does not address.  This is why I would use this cream on an as needed basis or spot treatment instead of a daily moisturizer. It’s handy to have ready in your medicine cabinet for those days you have flare ups. It is, after all, a calming cream!

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