Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer Nude Bronze Light Review

When the seasons change to summer my summer makeup changes gears and all my browns and warm peaches come out to play. My pale skin appreciates the warmth that bronzer brings without the damaging sun rays. For my skin tone, it’s tricky to get bronzer right. I can easily look like I have mud on my face OR I’m an oompa loompa.  This is where I have to say THANK YOU Hourglass for coming out with a new bronzer shade that fits me perfectly. 

What It Is

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer is an illuminating bronzer with Photoluminescent Technology that gives a natural, sunkissed glow. It has all these particles that manipulate and refract light to make your skin look beautiful.  It retails for $50 and I got mine from Sephora during my trip in Portland. 



I got this bronzer in the shade Nude Bronze Light and the formula is gorgeous. It’s a smooth buttery powder that is so fine and blends so nicely.  There is no glitter or shimmer in this, but you still get a glowy look. It warms up my skin just enough to make it look like I caught some sun. There are so many bronzers that describe themselves as neutral, but they always end up looking too orange and warm on me. This one is perfectly neutral and I can use it with any type of makeup look.

Sometimes I use this bronzer as a blush and it gives a beautiful glow. I even use this as eyeshadow for shading or transition and it works perfectly.  I was super excited when I discovered this bronzer looked prettier throughout the day as the oils in my skin came through and gave me that dewy look. This product did not break me out or cause any irritation.

 I did a really simple and light, everyday look with this bronzer using it as blush and eyeshadow. See photos below.


If you are willing to shell out $50 or can get it at a discount I highly recommend giving these bronzers a try- especially if you have a similar skin tone to mine.