Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow Review

Happy Friday to you!  To keep up with the summer makeup theme, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Charlotte Tilbury’s Unisex Healthy Glow today. I really should learn my lesson by now- late nights + sleepy me + credit card do not go well together. Impulse shopping probably isn’t the best, but hey I end up getting to try new products! So I was watching Wayne Goss on YouTube and he raved so passionately about this new ‘healthy glow’ product so I just bought it. Just like that… -_-

What It Is

Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow Review_DSC_7022.jpg

The Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow is “an all-year hydrating summer tint moisturizer for the ultimate holiday beach skin glow for him and her.” This bottle contains 1.7oz of product and I purchased it from Nordstrom for $40.  Per the instructions you should apply this just like a moisturizer. Note- this has no SPF protection so be sure to use sunscreen!


No photoshop so you can see how this performs

No photoshop so you can see how this performs

I applied this after my sunscreen and was a bit surprised yet underwhelmed at the same time. What surprised me was the texture and look. A slightly grainy white cream came out of the tube and upon rubbing it in my skin, turned orange, and then it sank in and sort of disappeared. To put it bluntly, this is just a self tanner calling itself a tinted moisturizer.  I mean, it definitely made me look tan so I matched the rest of my body, but it didn’t provide any sort of coverage. I guess looking tan covers up some redness, but if you have darker pigmentation issues or blemishes, they look as clear as day. To be fair, the product claims only talk about getting a tanned look (side effect of sleepy shopping- not reading carefully). So now I had a tanned face and no concealer to match my darker skin. :(

This product leaves a dewy finish and I felt quite greasy so I needed to set my face. I didn’t run into any caking issues, but transfer is a problem. Stay away from white clothes, try not to rub your nose, and make sure you wash your hands after application! This stayed on for a good 10 hours so the longevity is there as long as you’re not touching your face. Another good thing is I didn’t break out or have any sensitivity from this.


Let’s just call this what it is. If you want instant self-tanner, then this seems to do the job quite well! A pricey one at that and I’m sure there are lots out there that do the same for less. If you want coverage  and SPF, then look elsewhere. Don’t make the same mistake I did, thinking this was a tinted moisturizer that provided coverage.