All Natural Skincare Using Sea Salt

My mom is a constant reminder that I shouldn’t complicate my skincare, less is more, and that sometimes all the latest and greatest products really do more damage than good. Also, sometimes the best product is right in your kitchen. I want to talk about SALT. Sea salt to be specific. Sure, we all know about salt and what it does, but I think we often overlook and forget how great it is for our skin (Click here for a whole list of benefits).With so many beauty products in pretty packaging bombarding our lives, it’s easy to get swept up in that wave and forget about the basics. Sometimes, the best things are simple.

During my horrible acne phase, my parents and I discovered that a beach vacation seemed to calm down my skin. Of course we knew it was the salt that helped and for a time I did use it as part of my skincare. Spoonful of salt in a basin of water and I’d put my face in it. But I slowly grew out of it and forgot about it. Not too long ago my mom asked me, “Val, did you know you could scrub your face with salt and it gets rid of all the black/white heads?” Of course it seems obvious, but for some reason I never did that. I used salt scrubs on my body, but never thought to use it on my face. She told me “Use just a little bit and rub very slowly and gently.” Mom’s always right, right? I tried it and of course mom was right. 

Looking back, I can’t believe I used to spend money on scrubs like Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Powder or Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion. Anyway, sea salt literally zaps out all those nasty filaments, black heads, white heads, removes dead skin, and leaves your skin soft and smooth. There are no wacky ingredients that you can’t pronounce! If you have super sensitive skin like me, do this at most twice a week and do NOT use any other acids or chemical treatments after. Use a hydrating toner, an ampoule or serum, and load up on the moisturizer. If you’re super simple, then just skip to the moisturizer or use a sheet mask-just get in that hydration! That’s it. How much more natural can you get, right? It’s a super easy, natural, and effective way to keep your skin clear.