Best Cleanser I've Ever Used? | Troiareuke's ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing Review

Last week I talked about the Troiareuke Acsen A+ Cushion so today I’ll complete my Troiareuke experience by reviewing the Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing. Am I the only one who wants to call it “Cleanser” instead of “Cleansing”? :p Today marks the 4th week of using this cleanser so I’ve used it long enough to thoroughly test it out.

What It Is

Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing is an oil free, all-in-1 type cleanser that removes oil and dirt without skin stimulation. It is designed for sensitive and acne prone skin. It comes in a 120ml (4.06oz) bottle and sells for $38 on Amazon (available with Prime!). My wallet cried a little when I hit that order button.

Ingredient Analysis

Water, Butylene Glycol, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate,PEG-8,Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters,1,2-Hexanediol,Tromethamine,Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Disodium EDTA,Usnea Barbata (Lichen) Extract, Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Water, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Fragrance

No significantly harmful ingredients here so this is definitely safe and gentle to use.


First off, this is a non-foaming/bubble cleanser. It’s kind of like Cetaphil.  It is a clear gel emulsifying cleanser that has a light, clean fragrance. I found the best way to use this was to use dry hands to massage it onto dry skin, and then add a little water to emulsify and cleanse. When you have the right ratio of water and cleanser it feels quite nice (I squeeze out a little more than a quarter size to use on my face).

I was a bit skeptical of its makeup removing capabilities, but I tested it on a full face of waterproof makeup and it all came off! I swiped my toner soaked cotton pad just to be sure and it was completely clean! Lazy friends rejoice- no double cleanse necessary! My skin usually looks red and irritated after washing, but with this cleanser my skin looked normal! It’s not drying and doesn’t cause irritation or breakouts! Daaaaaaeeeeeeeebaakkk!!!

Now for the downside. Obviously price is the biggest con here. At $38 for 4.06oz, you’re paying about $9/oz. My bottle is already over half empty. I feel like I use more product when compared to other cleansers because it doesn’t foam or bubble. Because the formula emulsifies easily, a little too much water will make it feel like your cleanser already washed off.


I’ve always been a Su:m 37 Rose Stick Cleanser girl, but this Troiareuke cleanser is really making me question my loyalties. It’s super expensive for so little product, but it works so well. I’m so torn! I would say a bottle would last about 1.5 months with daily use so if you can afford to pay $38/bottle then go for it! It’s by far the best cleanser I’ve ever used!


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