Beauty Shopping

This is hopefully the last couple weeks of melting heat before we cool down for the year. I can smell fall coming!!! I've been doing a bit of shopping so I wanted to share what I picked up (as I'm typing this I didn't include some of the face masks I purchased, but you'll have seen them on my IG). 

Beauty Shopping_abh cream contour fair_DSC_8488.jpg

ABH Cream Contour Kit

Sephora has been doing a weekly sale and it just so happened the ABH Cream Contour Kit was on sale for $20. I had to try it so I got it in the shade Fair since Light seemed really dark. I don't like Western style contouring as it seems very harsh, so I've been testing this one out to see if it works. 

Beauty Shopping_buxom plumpline covert affair_DSC_8481.jpg

Buxom Plumpline

If you saw my post about my shopping trip in Portland, you'll notice I got a mini Buxom lip trio because I just wanted the pencil in it. SO, I finally got the companion pencil I've been searching all over for. COVERT AFFAIR. Why were you so difficult to find?! I purchased mine from Ulta and they only had 2 of them left. Whew! It's a beautiful rusted brick red. Applied lightly you get this beautiful tint that warms up your complexion beautifully- perfect for the fall! I wouldn't hesitate to use this as a blush as well. I layered this with Hush Hush and it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! I'll share pics later. 

Review coming soon!

Review coming soon!

I don't purchase eye creams because I haven't needed it, but there's this little line under my eye that doesn't want to leave so I've been on the hunt! I've done little swatch tests of Belief's eye mask and was impressed with the moisture and texture, but it didn't address fine lines so I passed. A few months later this new Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb, which says it targets fine lines, landed on Sephora's website and it was like the eye cream god read my mind. Yesssss!!! 

Beauty Shopping_stila magnificent metals smoldering satin_DSC_8510.jpg

Stila Magnificent Metals

This last one has been my new makeup obsession. When I was reviewing the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette, I realized I didn't have any sort of glitter for my eyes. I racked my brain and remembered hearing about the Stila Magnificent Metals so I got the one in Smoldering Satin. Love. Love. Love. I'll be sharing more about this one soon! 

What new beauty things have you purchased? BTW- did you guys watch GOT last night?!?!