Stila Magnificent Metals Review & Fall Makeup Look

Sometimes when you want be fancy, glitter helps take your look up a notch. I felt like something was missing when I started playing with darker eye shadows and more dramatic looks. Despite having shimmer, I wasn’t achieving the look I wanted. Hello, Stila Magnificent Metals!

Stila Magnificent Metals Review for Asian Eyes_DSC_8524.jpg

What It Is

This is a long-wearing, liquid glitter eye shadow that comes in 14 shades. I purchased Smoldering Satin for $24 from my beloved Sephora.


Stila Magnificent Metals Review for Asian Eyes_DSC_8401.jpg

Wowza, this stuff packs a punch! The glitter in this wasn’t as chunky as I though it’d be, but it definitely gave me what I was looking for. It’s a combination of pearl and glitter that gives its sparkly shine. The color was also a lot lighter and brighter than what I expected from the shade description, which called it “deep tan and silver.” Side note: Kitten Karma, Rose Gold Retro, and Smoldering Satin all look very similar.

Stila Magnificent Metals Review for Asian Eyes

In terms of wear, I didn’t experience any major fall out- like one or two specks of glitter fell on my cheek, but that was it. It didn’t dry and crack or crease up either! Application was super easy and the intensity is buildable. My only gripe was not being able to apply eyeliner smoothly on top of the glitter. I ended up using the glitter as the very last step and it looked fine.

If you have a small crease or Asian eyes like I do, then you have to be a little careful of how high you bring up the glitter because it could look a bit messy.


If you want to be extra and have some sparkle then you must try this. Two thumbs up!!! 

P/S: I took a combination of warm and cool photos so you can see how it looks under different lighting.