Su:m 37 Secret Essence Advanced Sync Program Review

This is a long overdue post about the Su:m 37 Secret Essence Advanced Sync Program. I guess you can say it’s just one for the record. I got this late last year thanks to my parents’ international traveling and it completely slipped my mind that I should do a review! I mentioned it a few times in a couple other posts, but now I want to talk about it after using it for quite some time.

What It Is

This is a luxuriously hydrating essence that increases and improves hydration, skin texture, tone, brilliance, and firmness. It uses fermentation technology to produce Ferulic Acid, which creates ‘stronger’ skin. It contains an impressive 80 extracts many of which are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Their official website doesn’t list the complete ingredients and I don’t have the box anymore so I won’t do an ingredient analysis. When I get a new one I’ll update this post to add in the ingredients. This essence has a very light citrus fragrance that dissipates once applied to the skin.


My skin REALLY likes this essence. When I use it consistently there is a reduction in blackheads and filaments, my skin is smoother so makeup applies better, and my overall complexion is more even and healthy. The essence itself is watery, but thick in the sense that you can actually feel a layer of moisture on your skin. I love how my face looks and feels after application- hydrated, smooth, and prepped. I’ve never seen my skin react this positively to a product before! If you’ve tried the Klairs toner you know how moisturizing that one is, but this one is even more so with just one layer. I’ve been skipping toner and going straight for this essence.


The Su:m 37 essence is thicker and more hydrating than the original Missha* or SK-II essences. I actually see a difference in my skin tone and texture whereas I don’t recall anything noticeable with Missha or SK-II.  If fragrance is a factor for you, Su:m 37 has the most perfume like scent compared to the other 2 even though it’s quite light and non irritating. SK-II has the strongest fermented smell and Missha has a very light almost sake like scent. 

In terms of value I was able to get the Su:m 37 essence for roughly $60 USD for 80ml ($0.75/ml) at the Changi airport. The best price for SK-II is offered at Costco where it’s $190 for 330ml ($0.56/ml). Missha is selling at $49 for 150ml ($0.33/ml). 


Although this essence is pricey I very much appreciate the results I get and definitely recommend it. As always, I advise getting a sample before purchasing since it’s a higher price item. 


*Missha reformulated their essence and it's now Intensive Moist. I recently purchased this and will be using it very soon so look out for its review!