Best Cafes | S. Korea

One of the many reasons Kevin and I love Korea is the cafes. There are so many cafes with different themes, which makes exploring them so much fun. I’ll share some of the standout ones we visited in this post. We still have a long list of them to check out, but that’s for another trip!

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Arriate Cafe

1.     Arriate Café

This is the most gorgeous, instagrammable flower café that I’ve ever seen. As soon as we stepped inside I felt like I was transported into a secret garden. Aesthetics aside, I wanted to see if the food and drink was good.  We ordered a pot of tea and a slice of mango cake- tea was not that good, but cake was excellent. Do expect to spend $$ as menu items are on the pricier end.

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Instagram Korea Arriate Cafe_DSC_0843.jpg
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2.     Innisfree Café

Innisfree has this clean, green, natural image that I love so when they opened up their own café, it was on my list of places I had to visit. As expected, everything was simple, green, and gorgeous. Plenty of greenery surrounded us with simple wood furnishings that made me feel super comfortable. Their drinks are gorgeous to look at and taste great as well.  Similar to other popular cafes, menu items were not cheap.

Instagram Korea Dog Cafe Bauhouse_DSC_1089.jpg

3.     Bau House Café

Kevin and I really missed our pups about a week into our trip so we decided to visit a dog café. You’re probably thinking what we thought- animal cruelty of a certain degree. We were SO happy when we found out this café is actually a doggy daycare. Locals drop off their dog children and cafe customers can play with the dogs.

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Instagram Korea Dog Cafe Bauhouse_DSC_1088.jpg
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Instagram Korea Layered Cafe_IMG_8333.jpg


4.     Layered Café

We discovered this cute little café during our stay at our hanok. It’s English style so they served freshly made scones and excellent coffee.

Instagram Korea Layered Cafe_IMG_8334.jpg
Instagram Korea Layered Cafe_IMG_8224-2.jpg

5.     DooRoo Café

While staying in the Bukchon area we wanted to revisit a café that Kevin enjoyed from our previous trip. The DooRoo café is one of those cafes you’d see in a Kdrama. It’s cozy, comfortable, and has a very at home type of vibe. Their sweet potato latte was amazing!

Instagram Korea DooRoo Cafe_DSC_1616.jpg
Instagram Korea Ryan Cafe_IMG_8023-2.jpg

6.     Ryan Café

I mean, if you love Kakao, Ryan Café is a must go.  All I can say is everything is so cute.

Instagram Korea Ryan Cafe_IMG_8022.jpg
Instagram Korea Thesis Cafe_IMG_8012.jpg

7.     Thesis Café

We always love an understated, cool, no frills café. Thesis is just that-nothing too loud, but a very underground, hip feel. This one was Kevin’s favorite. They serve dutch coffee and a delicious carrot cake.

Instagram Korea Thesis Cafe_IMG_8015-2.jpg

carrot cake

8.     Dore Dore Café

This was a café we found at Common Ground. Again, this is a very hipster place to visit with Portland like vibes. The popular cake of choice seems to be the rainbow one, but of course I got the Tiramisu instead. 

Instagram Korea Dore Dore Cafe_IMG_8047.jpg