Stay At A Hanok & Eat Like Royalty | Bukchon Hanok Village

When you go to S. Korea, a visit to Bukchon Hanok Village is a must! What’s even better is if you can stay in a traditional hanok while you’re there. Kevin and I found one via Airbnb and we loved every moment of our stay. To top it off we ended our Bukchon experience with a royal dining experience. 

The Hanok

Instagram Korea Hanok_DSC_0923.jpg

This cozy little hanok was about $185/night, which is not the cheapest option, but we chose to splurge for the experience. Like most hanoks in the area, it was renovated to fit modern lifestyle- heated floors, central heating, heated toilet seats, electronic door locks, etc. There is just something about these hanoks that makes me want to curl up on the couch and be extra cozy. 

Instagram Korea Hanok_DSC_0912.jpg

I wanted to upload a video here to show a little tour, but of course technology doesn’t want to cooperate with me. I’ll add it in when/if I can get it to work!


The Food

Korea Bukchon Royal Cuisine Hanok_DSC_1601.jpg

Before leaving Bukchon, definitely try a traditional Korean Royal Cuisine. Having never experienced this type of meal, we headed to Hanul Poong Kyoung. Korean Royal Cuisine is exactly what you think it is- food that was eaten by royalty back in the day. What does that entail? Lots of abalone! This is literally a feast for kings- a whole table full of scrumptious, luxurious foods. This meal ran us between $30-$40 a person, which is an exceptional deal when you see what we got to eat. Check out our dishes below.


Go to Bukchon. Eat a royal cuisine. Do it!