Miche Bloomin No. 6 Girly Flair Lashes -Hooded Eyes | Review

★★★★★ Out of 5

Pros: Comfortable to wear, gives natural looking length and volume 

Cons: None

Available via Takashima, eBay, Amazon*

Finding the right false lashes has been a journey. When I first started getting interested in them, I turned to the popular brands- Ardell, Velour, House of Lashes, Eylure, etc. While some worked out better than others, I never found the one. I have large hooded eyes with small creases so falsies can easily look bad. If you suffer the same troubles, I’ve got two words for you. Asian lashes. I’ve been on the hunt since discovering Aritaum lashes and I’ll be sharing the ones I love.  So, today I wanted to introduce you to my new love: the Miche Bloomin Lashes No. 6 Girly Flair.

What It Is

The No. 6 Flair lashes are part of Miche Bloomin’s Girly line, which are described to give a “fluffy eyes” look. They have a thin, clear band, and the lashes are soft and lightweight. Mine came in a 4 pack and cost about $15 after tax at my local Takashima. Miche Bloomin’s website sells the 4 pack for 1,000 yen.


These lashes are one of the most comfortable pairs I’ve ever worn. Through my learning experience I have worn lashes I thought to be comfortable, but I ended up looking tired and squinty because they were too thick.  I don’t have that problem here since they are incredibly lightweight, and the band has the perfect amount of flexibility to move comfortably with the eye. They’re also the perfect length and volume to add a dash of drama without heading into drag territory. Compared to my everyday Aritaum lashes, the Miche lashes are definitely a step up when you want to be dressier.


If you love natural makeup looks as I do then you have to try out the Miche Bloomin lash line. The No. 6 Girly Flair lashes seem to be a universally flattering design so I don’t think you can go wrong with these.






   *The only Amazon listing for this seemed sketchy so I didn't link it.