Best Selling Pimple Patches Reviews + Comparisons

The pimple gods still like to throw a few spots at me from time to time so ever since I discovered pimple patches, I’ve been obsessed with finding good ones.  There are few to no options here at home so when I was in Korea I picked up all the patches I came across to test them out. I tried them bare faced and under makeup to see which ones performed best. Keep on reading to see how it all went down!

What It Is

Pimple patches are hydrocolloid patches, which are just Bandaids that function to absorb fluid and keep bacteria out to heal wounds quicker. There are medicated and non-medicated versions.

In theory, pimple patches help to suck out fluid, bring down swelling, and heal spots faster. I found they work best on pimples that have formed pus. Instead of popping and squeezing, pimple patches help to bring all the gunk to the top of your skin so when you remove the patch all you have to do is wipe away the remnants. With this method, there’s less swelling, less redness, and you almost always get a clean removal.


I picked up 8 different pimple patches so here is how they measured up against each other:

Best Pimple Patches Review Comparison.png

Below are pictures of the thin patches on bare skin. I didn't bother photographing the thick patches since they would be very obvious. Can you spot all 6 thin ones?

Right nose: Mediheal / R cheek: COSRX Clear Fit / Center chin: Care Zone / L chin: CNP / L Cheek: SkinFood / L under eye: Brown Lab 

Here is my ranking for the patches from most visible to least visible under makeup:

1. Nexcare Blemish Clear Cover

2. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

3. Care Zone A-Cure Clarifying Spot Patch

4. SkinFood Tea Tree Secret Spot Patch

5. COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch

6. Brown Lab Dr. Dreamderm Spot Patch

7. Mediheal Thispatch Bio Dressing

8. CNP Laboratory Anti-Blemish Spot Patch

Below are the same photos from above except this time I applied makeup.

Are you surprised by any of the results? I totally thought the COSRX Clear Fit ones would be the most invisible under makeup, but it seems to be better worn barefaced. CNP’s patches were great blending in with the skin and makeup so they were hardest to detect. If you’ve got a freshly popped pimple, I recommend sticking on one of these patches before trying to cover it with makeup so it can heal in a clean environment.

In terms of performance, there wasn’t too significant of a difference between the patches. The only patch that stood out in design is the COSRX Clear Fit Master Patch. Their patch has a raised center with really thin edges to create an almost seamless finish. The trend seems to be going towards more thin, skin-like patches so I expect to see better designed ones next time around.

Note: To be complete, I also tried the Skinae Acwin patches in the past and those did not perform as well as the ones I have listed here.

And just for those who are curious about the COSRX patches, here are side by sides of the two:


There wasn’t too much of a difference between the patches, but I’d just stay away from the ones that didn’t pass the wear test. You can’t really go wrong with any of these, and I think it will just depend on how much you care about visibility.