Heimish Brick Brown Dailism Eye Palette Review

Remember when all the warm toned eye shadow palettes started coming out last fall? Urban Decay’s Naked Heat and Tarte’s Toasted were huge hits and the trend is continuing! So, Heimish came out with their own version, which is called the Brick Brown Dailism Eye Palette.

What It Is

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The Heimish Brick Brown Dailism Eye Palette contains 8 gorgeous warm brick brown shades. Of the 8 colors, 2 are matte, 4 are shimmer, and 2 are satin. It comes in a slim plastic case with a dual ended brush. Style Korean currently sells it for $29.91.

Ingredient Analysis

Talc, Mica,Titaniume dioxide, Boron Nitride, Silica, Magnesium Myristate, Propanediol, Polyisobutene, dimethicone, N-Lauroyl-L-Lysine, Trimethicone, Mineral Oil, yellow iron oxide, ultramarine.

If you don’t like talc then stay away from this palette. Otherwise, no significantly harmful ingredients found.


If you’re used to western makeup then this will be quite different. The shades are not as heavily pigmented, but they’re soft and give a lovely watercolor effect. They blend easily and smoothly, and the shades are easy to wear with any look. I paired this palette with the 3CE Mood Recipe collection and they went together so well. If you enjoy soft, subtle makeup then this palette is a great choice. You can build up the color, but it would take quite a bit of product. I wore these eye shadows with primer and they lasted all day.

Unedited so you can see true colors.

Unedited so you can see true colors.


While I love the colors in this palette, I just don’t reach for it enough. I'm still used to more pigmented shadows so I tend to skip over this palette when doing my makeup. It’s nothing wrong on this palette’s part since it’s just made to suit asian makeup. If you like that style, then yes I recommend this palette. Otherwise, you aren't missing out. 

★★★ Out of 5

Pros: Gorgeous shades, very wearable

Cons: Might not be pigmented enough for some

Available via Style Korean

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