June 2018 Favorites & Empties

In a blink of an eye, spring left and summer is officially in full swing! Unfortunately, June was filled with more empties than favorites. I’ve been preoccupied with home remodeling so I haven’t had the time to explore new products. Here’s what I loved and emptied in June: 



I purchased this powder during Sephora’s spring VIB sale and it has been so fun to use. It feels so cool and refreshing on the skin, and doesn’t look obviously powdery. It gives a soft, velvety finish and sets in my makeup beautifully without any caking. 

I pulled this out again for the warm weather and have been using it almost daily. You can read my full review here. I still love it!  


Pony Effect Unlimited Cream in #Future Proof

I bought this simply because the color was gorgeous, but I found out it doesn't budge! I love it! 

Since the weather has been getting hotter, I’ve been less inclined to use my regular bb cushions and foundations. This “foundation” by Giorgio Armani is perfect for days when I want lighter coverage. It feels like a primer and goes on so smooth and velvety! Coverage is sheer. 


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Let’s first state the obvious: I love Park Seo Joon! This drama is the perfect blend of mystery, romance, and comedy. I love it! 




Whamisa Organic Flowers Foaming Gel

I was so happy to finish this off! It wasn’t my favorite cleanser even though it did the job. You can read the full review here

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity

Still my most favorite balm to oil cleanser! I need to reorder! 



Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

This is a basic moisturizing serum. If you’re not looking for anything fancy then give this a try. 

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb

I feel like I’ve been using this eye cream forever! I’m so glad I can finally move onto a new eye cream. Even though I had a good experience with it, I got bored. To speed up emptying this cream I ended up using it on my neck and decolletage. I don’t know why I neglected that area of my body, but hopefully it’s not too late to prevent wrinkles and sagging!  



Innisfree Special Care Foot Mask

Meh- I wasn’t impressed with this foot mask. I like the concept, but I didn’t feel it moisturized that well. 

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea

Great everyday mask at a great price! You can read the full review here

Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Aloe

Compared to Innisfree’s My Real Squeeze masks, these ones are thicker. The masks themselves are thicker and the essence is more viscous. 

Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

A mask for soothing and calming if your skin is acting up. The full review is here

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

I didn’t like these eye patches at first, but they grew on me near the end. I don’t think the essence is anything special, but I like leaving the patches on while I get ready to cool down the skin around my eyes. 



Nexcare Blemish Clear Cover

Surprise, surprise, another set of pimple patches! I won’t be repurchasing these Nexcare ones since there are so many better options out there. 



Etude House Curl Fix Long Lash

I enjoyed using this mascara more at the end of it’s shelf life. I never noticed the tiny fibers in this mascara, but they actually gave me added length! Maybe because the formula was getting old so they started becoming visible…. Darn!