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Haneul Sky Park | S. Korea

Haneul Park. Sky Park. Haneul Sky Park. This place used to be a dump, but it was transformed into something incredibly beautiful. We went in mid November so it was right during the end of autumn and beginning of winter.  Thankfully, the tall pampas grass was still around so we were able to capture some cool shots! This park is a beautiful, tranquil environment to relax and recharge.

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Shopping in S. Korea | KBeauty Skin Care Haul

Hello all skin care and KBeauty lovers!! Today I’m super excited to finally share the things I purchased in Korea! I’m breaking it into two parts because there are too many things and too many pictures so come back on Wednesday for the second half! If you haven’t read my previous post (click here) then head over here to check it out to get some money saving tips when you shop in Korea. I'll list the prices of everything so you know what they're charging over there. OK- let’s get into it! 

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How to Shop S. Korea (Myeong-dong) | Tips to Save Time + Money

Before my trip to S. Korea, I tried googling “how to shop korea/myeong-dong.” Nothing useful came up. If you’ve been there before then you know that street is crazy. It’s filled with shops and people, and the stores are repetitive! It’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by all of it. You’ll also realize that a lot of road shop brands are everywhere so you’re not restricted to Myeong-dong. With so many locations, where do you go to get the best deal? Having been to S. Korea twice now, I’ve got a few shopping tips that I think are helpful. 

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Hiking in Portland

Portland, again?! Yes, but this time it was with friends and we spent time with Mother Nature instead. We spent 3 days at Fort Stevens in a cabin and 1 day in downtown. It was truly beautiful to see the leaves falling and changing colors.   

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