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Empties and Mini Reviews V.1

Empties V.1: A collection of mini reviews of my emptied beauty products.

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July 2018 Favorites & Empties

July is over and was a crazy busy month for me! We're so close to being done with our home remodeling and I cannot wait until it's complete! I've had to put this blog and my social media posts on the back-burner, but I'll be back posting regularly soon. If you've been through home renovations then you know how tough they can be! In the mean time, it's time to share what I loved and emptied in July! 

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Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb Review

Well hello there Internet friends. It has been insanely hot this past week. 108 degree weather + shingles = a mother !@^*% nightmare.  Jon Snow, bring your winter! In other news I’ve been using the Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb everyday for the last 2 weeks. Yes, shingles did not stop me from using my eye cream. I was lucky I didn’t have any blisters below my eyes so I just kept using the eye cream for the sake of this review.

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