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November 2018 New + Loved + Emptied

November 2018 New, Loved, Emptied- a compilation of favorites, new products, and empties!

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Troiareuke ACSEN U.V Protector Essence Review

Spring is coming, guys! As much as I appreciate the coziness that winter brings, I love warm weather and am so excited for it! There was a warm weather spell last month that put everyone in shorts and t-shirts.  This meant my Mediheal sunscreen was too heavy, so I searched my stash of sunscreens and picked out the Troiareuke ACSEN U.V Protector Essence to try. 

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Mediheal Labocare Pantenoide Sun Essence Review | Dry Skin

When I was in Korea I was obsessed with buying sunscreens. I was looking for two types: (1) A moisturizing, essence formula for cold, dry weather; (2) A light, watery type for warmer weather. All of them had to have a moisturizing element, be lightweight, non-greasy, have 4 +’s, have an SPF higher than 40, and don’t leave a white cast. Basically, I was looking for a moisturizer-like sunscreen. One of the sunscreens that met my requirements is the Mediheal Labocare Pantenoide Sun Essence SPF 50+ PA++++.

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